How Sharpening by Mail Works

It's easy! Follow these simple steps to have your skate runners sharpened by mail:

  1. Create an account. Create a player profile, so we can provide you with a personalized customer experience. Select "Register."
  2. Select your sharpening. For each pair of skate runners, select the skate brand and the desired hollow. If you are unsure on the hollow, try our 1/2" house grind.
  3. Watch the mail for your Welcome Package. Once you place your initial order, we’ll send you our Welcome Package which includes a runner rotation sheath to protect your skate runners during transit. We’ll also include prepaid USPS postage and packaging.
  4. Prepare your runners for mailing. Place your skate runners in the runner rotation sheath. Indicate the desired hollow for each pair of runners using the included sharpening specification card.
  5. Mail us your runners. Insert the sheath into the poly padded envelope with the prepaid postage label. Make sure your customer ID tag is in the sheath pocket. Record your tracking number and mail to HockeyGuys at the address below. Your carrier will pick up your shipment for free during regular mail delivery at home or work. You can also use a USPS Blue Box.
  6. Sit back and wait for us to deliver your precision-sharpened runners!

To repeat the process, simply place your order on We will email you a prepaid USPS label that can be printed and inserted into the sleeve on the poly padded envelope that we include with every return shipment of your runners.