Precision Skate Sharpening by Mail

When you take the ice, nothing is more important than a sharp, square and polished skate edge you can count on, every single time. With the ease of rotating skate runners, elite players understand the advantage of carrying back-up runners.

HockeyGuys will sharpen your back-up skate runners with precision and deliver them directly to you, so you can skate with confidence, each time you hit the ice.

Back-up runners allow players to:

  • never miss a shift due to a lost edge or broken runner,
  • regularly rotate runners to allow for consistent height and profile,
  • be prepared with runners sharpened for varying ice conditions (soft to hard),
  • never worry about the quality of sharpening while on the road. 

Stay in the game with back-up skate runners precisely sharpened and conveniently delivered to your front door.

HockeyGuys will help you unlock your game!