Five Advantages to Extra Steel Runners for Hockey Skates

Posted by Shane Jacques on Oct 29th 2018

For years, CCM has manufactured skates with external fasteners to secure steel runners in its hockey skates. With the right tools, runners can be removed and freshly sharpened steel carefully inserted. The release of the Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder and runner was a game changer. With the pull of a trigger, the Lightspeed runner can be separated from the Tuuk holder and another inserted with ease.

With these advances in skate technology allowing players to efficiently swap out runners, this is a list of 5 advantages to players carrying sharpened back-up runners:

  1. Never miss a shift due to a lost edge or broken runner.
  2. Never worry about the quality of sharpening while on the road.
  3. Rotation allows for consistent height and profile of each runner.
  4. Be prepared with runners sharpened for varying ice conditions.
  5. Save time at the skate sharpener by sharpening multiple pair.

If you need a “Guy” to sharpen your back-up runners, consider the Precision and Convenience of HockeyGuys Precision Skate Sharpening by Mail.