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Team Manager Extraordinaire! Add Skate Sharpening to the long list of things you do to make the team better.

Players, parents and coaches will love this service. Save everyone time and ensure the players take to the ice with sharp, square and polished skate edges they can count on, every single time. HockeyGuys will sharpen the team’s skate runners with precision and deliver them directly to you for as little as $7.50 per pair!

HockeyGuys offers PRECISION

  • We’ll sharpen your skate runners with your preferred hollow, square and sharp edges, and a polished finish.
  • No more inconsistent skate sharpening - our proprietary UYG Process ensures accuracy every time. We inspect your hollow and edges upon arrival and make all necessary adjustments. 
  • Our experienced professionals have sharpened more than 250,000 runners!
  • No automation: we sharpen on our four Blademaster and Blackstone machines, the same equipment found in NHL locker rooms.
  • We triple check for accuracy using BladeMaster's Height Comparator Gauge and Pro Series Blade Squareness Checker, and Edge Specialties' Hollow Depth Indicator (HDI) throughout our process.
  • All runners are inspected by our process control experts, who ensure that you’re ready to unlock your game.

HockeyGuys offers CONVENIENCE

  • We deliver precision right to your front door. No driving. No waiting in line.
  • Shipping is always included! We’ll provide you with prepaid USPS Priority Mail labels and packaging to ship us your skate runners.
  • Your runners will be sharpened and shipped back the same day received. Most runners will be back in your bag four business days from the date you mail them to us.
  • Call us today to learn how Precision Skate Sharpening by Mail works for teams, 877-333-3438.